Saturday, September 2, 2017

Upcoming Parent Involvement Opportunities


WT Families,

             This blog post will be shorter due to a majority of the necessary information you need to know is located in the September Newsletter.  I do want to reiterate the importance of this month and your involvement in your child's education and Wayne Trail Elementary activities.  On Sept. 12, the Parent-Teacher-Principal (PTP) organization will be holding their first meeting at Jed's in Maumee at 6:30pm.  This will be a great way to kick-off the year and hear about everything that is planned for this year.  On Sept. 20, we are hosting our Parent Information Night (P.I.N.), where you can not only eat a FREE dinner from the PTP, but gain valuable resources to help your child at home this school year.  I hope to see you there and enjoy the Labor Day Weekend!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

First full week was a success and ended with a Maumee High School football win!

Wayne Trail Parents,

The first week of the 2017-2018 school year is in the books!  You may have heard that we have a therapy dog named, ABY, that visits about once a week to work with students from a social/emotional standpoint and she will even listen as students' read.  Friday was our first Fist Bump Friday and we had many students enter into the raffle contest, which means there were numerous Fist Bumps and compliments going around.  Our first Maumee Spirit Day was also on Friday and I saw many students at the Maumee Mayhem before the MHS football game.  The team had a great week one win!

You may have also heard your child talk about all of the assessments that are already taking place first few weeks of school.  This is because we have an academic screening program called STAR.  This stands for "Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading."  However, STAR also assesses students' skills in mathematics.  These results are only used "in-house" as we meet as educators to determine the best methods to improve student achievement.  This assessment also allows us to setup interventions and closely monitor students' progress every couple of weeks.

In addition, many teachers are required to submit SLOs (Student Learning Objectives) for their teacher evaluations to determine the amount of growth students have in a school year.  These involve a pre-assessment that students take at the beginning of units and post-assessments that students take at the end of units for the core content areas.  These allow the teachers to see which students made the targeted gain and which students need further assistance to meet certain standards.

I am proud of the students and teachers for their hard work in these endeavors.  Both assessments truly do guide our instruction and help meet the needs of all students. 

Lastly, our main fundraiser kicks off on Tuesday, Aug. 29th so be looking for a packet coming home. Remember that a portion of the fundraiser goes towards students' fifth grade camp accounts.

Dr. Nick Neiderhouse
WT Principal

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

SUPER first week!

We had a great start to the 2017-2018 school year!  I was very impressed with the turnout at Open House on Tuesday for both grade levels.  This showed how supportive parents are of their child's education!  We met with both grade levels on Wednesday to review WT's routines, protocols and expectations at lunches, recesses and assemblies.  We also reviewed the dress code and informed students that they are not to bring "spinners" or fidget cubes to school this year as they are mainly used as toys.  If there is a concern with this rule, please reach out to us to discuss.  Students also had their first Superhero citing at the assembly...the Incredible Hulk!  He informed students about how he helps defeat villains and when he see injustices, he tries to make it right!  We hope to have Solar Eclipse glasses in by Friday so students can view this event on Monday afternoon.  Lastly, please remember to stay up-to-date by reading this weekly blog or by following me on Twitter @nickneiderhouse.